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Right or Wrong Ullu Web Series Cast, Review and Details


Ullu Original’s release their upcoming web series called Right or Wrong on the official platform. The web series is about the relation between two people from different age generations. The web series contains two episodes wherein the very first episode we introduce to the character and situations. whereas in the other episode we see some erotic and physical scenes between the two leads.

The story started with a girl who has a single father and her friend came to meet her after a long time. Her friend is a divorcee and gets attracted to her father. The old man also needs someone to make a physical attachment. The two lustful souls understand each other and get connected.

Right or Wrong Web Series Cast

Right or Wrong web series has cast like Alpesh Dixit, Manisha Jain, Ruthvi Singh in the lead role. The web series is directed by Bhavin Wadia and presented by Ullu originals.

Right or Wrong Web Series Review

The web series is a good concept to show the physical connection between two age generations. Alpesh Dixit works good in this series, Manisha Jain and Ruthvi Singh also play their role well. Ullu originals are popular for their erotic ideas and concept, this web series is just a good art from their side.

We recommend you to watch the series only on the official website of Ullu original. Watch all episodes of Right or Wrong only on Ullu Originals.

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