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More than 150 Dead and 300 injured in Sri Lanka Bomb Blast 2019 at Hotels and Churches


Sri Lanka Bomb Blast 2019, as per the Sri Lanka Police, More than 150 People dead and 300 injured in the multi blast at Colombia, Sri Lanka at Three Churches and Three Hotels. These people include more than 30 foreigners. The One church in Colombo got explosion whereas the two churches are outside from outside to Colombo during Easter mass.

There is No immediate claim of responsibility behind these explosions and also No reason found behind this tragedy. the explosion in the city happen around 8:45 am as per the local time schedule.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka condemned the attack and told the country people to maintain the peace, stay strong and united.

The first explosion was reported at Colombo in St Anthony’s Church and at St Sebastian’s Church at Katuwapitiya in the town of Negombo. After the attack, St Sebastian announces about the tragedy at their official Facebook and request people to come and help.

After the above, Police also confirm about three more blasts which happens in the Grand Hotels of the city and the other one at Batticaloa city Church.

The Batticaloa Hospital confirms about the admission of 300 injured people relating to the bomb blast.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweets relating to this tragedy, where he condemned about the blast. India stands for the people of Sri Lanka, My Prayers are with the bereaved families and Injured.

Best Moments from Criminal Justice Hotstar Special Web series


Hotstar Special’s present Criminal Justice starring Jackie Shroff, Vikrant Massey, Pankaj Tripathi, Madhurima Roy and many more. The web series is a pure thriller and take you to justice via some best and tremendous turning points.

Moreover, the web series is the official remake of 2008-09 BBC series called Criminal Justice which also won International Emmy award.

Criminal Justice is the story about a middle-class family Boy, who works as a cab driver as a part-time job. One night he gets a passenger who is fully frustrate and taking drugs. later he visits her home to give her mobile phone back which she left in his cab. But due to the dose and loneliness, she invites him at her house and later he trapped in some sexual conditions with her, She got murdered the same night and then the investigation and court drama begin.

Here are some of the turning point which you can’t afford to miss in this crime thriller web series.

When Aditya meet Snaya for the first time

Aditya is getting late for his party and snaya book his cab, He’s completely frustrated as he’s getting late for the party. where on the other side Snaya abuse someone on phone and change the destination again and again, which makes him more frustrated. But he took her to her destination and make her reach her home.

When Aditya Found Snaya Dead

After some sexual connections, Aditya comes in bedroom to say goodbye to snaya but as he removes the blanket he found the blood and got to know that snaya got murdered by someone. He completely shocked and clean all the blood from his clothes.

When Aditya accidentally reached to Police station and Sanya’s neighbor identify him

As he’s totally shocked and nervous because of Sanya’s murder, he ran from her house and her neighbor watch him, later Aditya drive his car nervously and got crash with another car. Cops came and took Aditya to the police station, Sanya’s neighbor also at the police station as cops took him for interrogation and there he identity Aditya. Aditya got arrested by the police.

Layak Try to Rape Aditya in Jail

Layak is the bad guy of the series, layak is in prison for many years as he murders his wife. Aditya reached to the jail and meet layak for the first time. Layak try to fear him and also tell him that what he thought about him. After that at night layak took him and try to rape him but successfully Aditya ran way.

Mustafa Saves Aditya in Jail from all the Bad Guys

Mustafa (Jackie Shroff) is the savior for Aditya, he asks Aditya for 5 Lakhs in return to take care of him in jail, Aditya asks his sister to arrange the money for his safety. Mustafa got his money and he saves Aditya from all the goons in jail and also teaches him some of the best lessons of life.

When Court found Aditya Guilty for Murder and Give him Punishment for Lifetime

Aditya’s case is in the hands of Mandira Mathur, Mandira Mathur proves to the court that Aditya didn’t rape Sanya but she’s not able to prove that Aditya didn’t murder her. which results to take Aditya in jail for the lifetime. Aditya is innocent but still, he got the punishment which makes him cut his nerve.

Madhav Mishra initiate to make Aditya out of the Jail

Madhav Mishra (Pankaj Tripathi) is an interesting character, he himself collects all the evidence which proves Aditya Sharma innocent. He effort to meet everyone who relates with this case found out the history of Sanya and what happened that night. When he reaches the end of this investigation. He found that the murderer is someone else.

Evidence which makes Aditya get into the Jail is False

All the evidence which are against Aditya and make him get into the jail, are actually not belongs to him. Police reopen the case and found that the murderer is someone else, The innocent Aditya is living in jail for no crime.

When Mustafa Kills Layak for Aditya’s Life

It’s been a year Aditya is in jail where layak fears him and also try to rape and kill him, One-day layak took Sundar (another prisoner) to the place and try to rape him, where Aditya came to rescue Sundar and they fight. There’s a situation where layak almost kill Aditya, But Old Mustafa came and kill layak to save Aditya’s life.

Criminal Justice is a Pure thriller, You can watch the complete episodes in Hotstar Special. The web series is lead by Vikrant Massey, Jackie Shroff, Pankaj Tripathi and many more.

Chhapaak Movie Shooting Videos went viral feat. Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey


Deepika Padukone, the name behind many Bollywood Hit movies is currently shooting for Meghna Gulzar Directed film ‘Chhapak’. Deepika is playing the character inspired from a True story of Acid Attack Survivor Lakshmi. Although the name of her character will be Malati.

The film is being shot in Delhi and many footages from the set went viral online. So far, five video clips of the film have been leaked.

The movie also featured Vikrant Massey, who previously seen in movies like Dil Dhadakne Do, Lipstick under my Burkha and web series like Mirzapur and Criminal Justice.

The very first video which went viral, Deepika and Vikrant roaming at roadside

In the Second Video, Deepika is seen entering in court room

In the Third Video Deepika and Vikrant are seen coming from auto and going somewhere

The Forth Video, In Which Deepika spoted in School Uniform

There is a Romantic Scene in which Deepika and Vikrant Appear

‘Chhapaak’ is inspired by the real story of a girl named Lakshmi. When Lakshmi was 16, a 32-year-old man used to stock her, Made the pressure to get married But as soon as Lakshmi turned down his proposal, he hit her face by adding acid.

The shoot of the film will soon wrap and the release date may soon announce, for more updates don’t forget to subscribe. Also follow us on social media and share this article with your mates.