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Four Life Lessons Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif Starrer BHARAT Teach us


This Eid Salman Khan comes up with his most awaited movie Bharat. the movie also has star cast like Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff and many more. Bharat is a movie which can delight any Bhai fan. The movie fills with emotions, Drama and Romance.

Bharat is a journey of a man with responsibilities and courage. Responsibility of family and courage to take care of his family no matter what it takes.

Bharat is produced under the production of Salman Khan Films and Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar who previously directs Sultan and Tiger Zinda hai for Salman Khan.

Here are some of the life lessons which Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bharat teach us for a good life.

There might be some of the spoilers, so it is advised that if you don’t watch the film yet then it is good to leave and read out our other posts.

Being a Big Brother is a tough Job

It’s your big brother who always stands for you, Hard work for you to make your every wish and dream come true. Taking care of the family after the father and feeding each member of the family is really a tough job. Bharat shows us the real meaning of the Elder brother.

He works hard for the family from day to night, As his father took a promise from him that he will always look after his family. To fulfill that promise he always courage to earn more money to take care of the family.

Never leave the one who always stands with you

Sunil Grover playing the role of Salman Khan’s friend in this movie. The two shows us the real meaning of bond and friendship. Where ever they got the job they stay together, work together and fights equally with life problems.

Both look great together and play a major part in the film. There are some of the scenes in the movie where we see that from childhood to the old age both are with each other.

Value the Emotions

Bharat is a movie fills with the emotions, there are some places where we saw the emotion side of Father and Son, Brother and Siblings. Bharat always respects his father’s last word to him. His whole life depends on his last words.

It is also featured in the film that the last words of his father are connected to the shop of his aunt, and besides this emotion, he never leaves the shop. There is a moment where his uncle sets the mind to sell the shop but Bharat sacrifices his Railways Job to earn more money and buy the shop from his uncle. Just because, his father promises him to meet at the shop one day 🙂

Never Loose Hopes

The film also taught us that never ever lose hope in life. Bharat loses his younger sister Gudiya while climbing on train. He always has this regret in his life. As time passes he efforts and one day with the help of Madam Sir (Katrina Kaif) he met his younger sister.

There is a scene in the film where Bharat stuck under the gas turbine and met with an accident, he almost loses the hope of life and then he remembers each promise, each person who encourage him towards the life. later, he saves his life as well as his co-worker’s life.

We are not here to review the film, But yes it is a good Eid treat from Bollywood. Which you must watch with your family.

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